About Us: Body Doubles Shapes & Styling

Body Doubles has been providing the highest quality shapes and styling since 2006.  We make it FAST and EASY to have a polished new look!  Every shape includes DETAILED styling instructions... ALL the specifics and the LANDMARKS to replicate the looks featured from skin to shoes! Body Doubles shapes are modifiable!

Celebrity Looks: Famous stars from film, music and sports

Model Shapes:  Be runway ready, we make looking gorgeous easy!

Skin Specific Collection: Custom-made shapes to fit some of SL's hottest skins take the guesswork out of fitting your shape to your skin

Fantasy:Check out our collection of Gorean, Goth and more, from the sexy to the scary

Mesh Ready: Looks made to fit standard sized mesh clothing


Body Doubles owned by Lyra Blackthorne. There are no other authorized creators of Body Doubles Shapes. All textures, images, items and renderings are copyright Body Doubles Shapes 2006-2015

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Body Doubles Shapes   

"Be an After"!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, You're gonna hear me roar!

If you want are wanting a new look to reflect your inner warrior but with a cute exterior, try on our new Katy Perry!  Katy is a bit curvy but not over the top. She is a lil quirky, a lil sexy and ever so fun!

  photo for blog_zps87jq7u7q.jpg

 ...Louder, louder than a lion, Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!

Well we have been Quiet toooo Long!

 We were overloaded with real life last year but we are back, with a new shop and launching tons of new work!

It's a fresh start for our beloved Beyonce!  We have given Queen Bey an updated styling and a new shape to take advantage of Redgrave's Beyonce skin!  Styling includes a gorgeous dress by Baiastice; it has elegant lines but a tiny bit of edge and moves beautifully with your avie. photo 6db131ee-e3bb-4a6a-95dc-366578ca64f7_zps6ce9dd1e.jpg

Two new looks for some of our most loved skins!

Laqroki just released the new Mirabelle and I adore it!!!  Call me weird but am obsessed with the great eyebrows on this skin!  The new Mirabelle look strikes a nice balance between "good girl" and "she who has attitude"  The shape is a curvy armfull and bound to please.  This is my new shop favorite. 

 photo 4da07f82-5f44-4cd7-9131-af0ec3324242_zps012f6365.jpg?__    Last but not least...Glam Affairs Rose skinis featured in a sweetly sexy look that turned heads as I was out looking for styling items. That fab jewelry she is wearing is from Chop Zuey my go to place for sparkle. photo 95a1601a-97b3-4a8b-bb5a-3cccd8ec2353_zps4820061c.jpg 

 MOre NEW in the works!  Come by and visit!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Oasis/167/94/22

I Love this Skin and Shape!

     photo LeagueErinblog_zpsa31f4ef6.jpg

This is a new look for the Body Doubles Skin Designer collection and features League's Erin skin...and League clothing and shoes and makeup...lol, just an all round League girl!  And the result is fab!  I love this new Erin skin and the shape takes full advantage of it perfect shading!  Come check her out at:


Now Featuring - Belleza's Dylan Skin

 photo BellezaDylanblog_zpscd5c6c01.jpg

New look for our SL men showcasing the fab Dylan skin from Belleza.  Styling includes eyes by my fav...Poetic, and some cool hair by Wasabi!  Come check out Dylan and all the other Body Doubles newness at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dark%20Oasis/217/46/33


I love discovering new skins...

I love discovering new skins...and while Elysium is not brand new...they were new to me!
There were several lovely skins but I selected the Shui to work with and just love the result.
A slim figure that wears clothing beautifully and a face that is feminine and takes full advantage of the great skin shading.  Just a bit exotic too!  This look can go from girly to edgy easily so should be a great all round avie! Come check her out! 

 photo ElysiumShuiblog_zps28eb0641.jpg