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Body Doubles has been providing the highest quality shapes and styling since 2006.  We make it FAST and EASY to have a polished new look!  Every shape includes DETAILED styling instructions... ALL the specifics and the LANDMARKS to replicate the looks featured from skin to shoes! Body Doubles shapes are modifiable!

Celebrity Looks: Famous stars from film, music and sports

Model Shapes:  Be runway ready, we make looking gorgeous easy!

Skin Specific Collection: Custom-made shapes to fit some of SL's hottest skins take the guesswork out of fitting your shape to your skin

Fantasy:Check out our collection of Gorean, Goth and more, from the sexy to the scary

Mesh Ready: Looks made to fit standard sized mesh clothing


Body Doubles owned by Lyra Blackthorne. There are no other authorized creators of Body Doubles Shapes. All textures, images, items and renderings are copyright Body Doubles Shapes 2006-2015

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The Ubara ~ Talena

As promised here is our beautiful Talena but styled as a Free Woman and Ubara of Cos.  This shape is my new shop favorite.  Everything about her is so beautiful.  A bit exotic, curvy but not tooo, so alluring whether she is veiled or stripped.  This is a look you must see! Styling includes a lovely gown by a new find for me...GSpot!  And, the owner Jalilah Jewell is just as lovely as her work!  Check out GSpot, you wont be sorry and she does not carry just gorean items...lots of cuteness there too and even some nice skins!


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