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Do you own a Curio Skin?

Content creators all over SL are working hard to raise funds for Gala Phoenix's legal costs to protect her brand Curio and the skins we all love to wear. I hope you will attend the One Voice event.  If you do not know about the event read http://bodydoublesshapes.squarespace.com

But, let's do a little more...in the spirit of giving and with a little bribery here is my offer.  Come to Body Doubles by midnight July 22nd, drop a minimum of 900L into the Gala donation bucket and I will give you NINE looks for Curio skins!  The shapes include at least one look for each of these Curio skins: Yum, Jasmine, Ice Queen, Lustre, Cupid.  A total of nine looks @ only 100L each!
How to get your looks:  Donate, then paste the transaction record showing your contribution to the Gala bucket on a notecard...make sure it shows your name, the date, the amount and the location.  Pass the notecard to me and I will send you the shapes within 24 hours of receiving your note. Quick and Simple : )  Use this link to taxi to the Gala donation bucket: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Oasis/159/32/23


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